Absinthe Unveiled!

Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab, 75 Canal St., Salem, MA

Oo-la-la! We've been collaborating with the alchemists at Deacon Giles to create an evening trés magnifique, worthy of their two new styles of Absinthe! Like their traditional ‘Absinthe des Voisins’, which uses local wormwood (‘voisins’ is French for ‘neighbors’ – as you knew), the BeauTease are friendly and neighborly. But like their brand new elixir, Scarlet Absinthe, we are shocking, scandalous, and darkly romantic. Don't miss an event that will transport you to the seedier parts of Paris, where amor (or something like it) is in the foggy air... Your admission to this elite company includes a sampling of the licor du jour! SPace is extremely limited, so ensure your seat in this transport of delights today!