Which Witch Is Witch?

AS220 Main Stage, 115 Empire St, Providence, RI

Each night on Walpurgis — the last day of April — the greatest witches of the world gather to renew the dark pacts that give them power. Traditionally it’s done on a lonely, windswept mountaintop, but this year they’ve decided to gather in Providence! Super naturally, a gathering like this is an opportunity for treachery, revenge for past slights, and striptease! BeauTease Burlesque presents “Which Witch Is Which?” starring Betty Blaize, Devastasia, and Mina Murray as the wicked, wickeder, and wickedest witches, Ava Fox as the Saucier Apprentice, and Ol’ Scratch as… himself. It’s an enchanting evening of ecdysiast ecstasy!

Doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:00pm.

$20 + $1.79 service fee