SOLD OUT Bad Luck Burlesque III: The Curse of Moomba

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Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab, 75 Canal St., Salem, MA

Bad Luck Burlesque III: The Curse of Moomba

What was that sound?! New England's leading burlesque troupe has trespassed in the sacred TropiLodge at Deacon Giles! What foul fate awaits them?! Will all their clothes fall off?! One way to find out!

You'll be cursing your fortune if you miss this show jam-packed with songs, comedy, magic, and more striptease than you can shake a tassel at!

Starring: Ava Fox Betty Blaize Devastasia Miss Mina Murray .....with your M.C., Scratch!

Last year's BAD LUCK show SOLD OUT in advance and we are not holding tickets to sell at the door. Get your ticket today or miss your chance to get lucky with The Boston BeauTease!